Election results: Med Revue Committee 2013

Med Revue 2013 – Out with the old and in with the (mostly) new
by Michelle Li (II)

Congratulations to our new executive team for 2013! Welcoming:

  • Producer: Christopher Phillips (I)
  • Treasurer: Peter Lioufas (II)
  • Creative directors: Anna Schneider (I) and Zoe Willett (II)
  • Vocal director: Harold McLennan (3B)
  • Band director: Luigi Zolio (I)
  • Scripting heads: Nathaniel Lizak (I) and Leo McLennan (3B)
  • Editor: Nichita Gavrilescu (3B)
  • Stage manager: Danielle Panaccio (4C)
  • Technical director: Christine Kwa (II)
  • Marketing and promotions: Michelle Li (II)

Next year is going to be fantastic guys–looking forward to it!

We are also still looking for a choreographer. If you are interested, or know someone who might be, please contact Peter at medrevue@mumus.org.


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