Interested in writing for The Auricle? Dream of having your name in (small) print? Great!

Contribution to the publication can be done in several ways: write-ups of a conference or event, opinion pieces (we like relevance to current medical issues, developments and ethics), informative articles, humorous articles, personal stories, guides to medical school and anything else you can think of!

Submission guidelines are as follows:

  • 500-750 words in size 12 standard font (Arial, Times New Roman, Cambria, etc.)
  • Proof-reading is essential as poorly-written and insubstantial pieces will be rejected.
  • Email to

We are strict on the quality of accepted submissions as we are able to provide EBCV letters upon publication, as they are counted by RMH as non peer reviewed articles. As a result, we are unfortunately unable to publish all material that we receive.

However, we will provide some feedback where possible so that you have the option to resubmit in future.


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