Event re-cap: Monash Leadership Development Seminar

MUMUS Presents: The Monash Leadership Development Seminar
by Ashleigh Witt (5D)

My thoughts on leadership are best represented by the quote from Obama:

Change will not come if we wait for some other person, or some other time.
We are the ones we’ve been waiting for. We are the change we seek.

How many of us sit in the corner complaining that being things could be better, but waiting for someone else to fix them? What’s stopping us? The motivation? The inspiration? Or the fact that despite being in a field that demands leadership, we haven’t been equipped with the skills to be leaders?

Inspired by AMSA’s National Leadership Development Seminar, the MUMUS’ MLDS aimed to inspire and equip Monash’s next generation of leaders.

To create the most useful crash-course in leadership I could, I chose the people I’ve asked for advice over my year as president and the people whose stories and passion have inspired me. Over 100 students applied and hopefully the 80 who attended left with inspiration to become a leader, not necessarily in their medsoc, but in their lives and their careers.

Personally, the day reminded me of what I love about Monash Medicine – the fierce opinions, the big dreams and the knowledge that you could be sitting next to a future Nobel prize winner or AMA president or doctor who changes everything we thought we knew about medicine.

I owe a huge thanks to my amazing MUMUS Committee for their support not only for this event, but every day this year. I’ll end this article with a quote for you guys, by a man who has a place in my heart right beside Obama:

A good leader is someone who inspires other people to achieve. If all you do is give good advice, encourage the younger students and inspire people to be better people, I think you’ve done a bloody good job as president.

I hope this seminar achieved that Captain Rob.


Students share their experiences of the MLDS:

“Often, one of the most frustrating things in first year is how little you know when talking about medicine as an occupation, and thus going into a day specifically aimed at fostering and inspiring leadership in this field was understandably daunting. However, I really had nothing to worry about. Throughout the day we were presented with a diversity of speakers who engaged with all year levels and backgrounds present and managed to provide even us first years with invaluable skills, insight and perhaps most importantly, perspective on the leadership opportunities embedded within medicine. MLDS is an innovative idea and a rewarding reality! Cheers to MUMUS and Ash Witt for all their work.” – Lachlan Evans (I)

“MLDS had many varied, interesting speakers. Each of them presented their own viewpoints and advice, all of which were relevant to any leadership experiences we would encounter during university, and also in future. The speakers were entertaining in their own way, and the valuable pieces of advice given to us will be useful to us for the rest of our medical careers!” – Peter Lioufas (II)

“Chris Wright was a boss as usual. I also like how we had Subway instead of pizza.” – Xiuxian Pham (3B)

This year’s MLDS was held on Saturday August 18 at the Burnet Institute. The event program featured some amazing speakers, including:

  • Public speaking: Dr Sally Cockburn
  • Advocacy: James Churchill (AMSA President)
  • Negotiation: A/Prof Chris Wright
  • Selling yourself: Matt Lukies (MBBS V)
  • In education: Prof Ben Canny
  • In your career: Prof Mark Cook
  • In global health: Prof Rob Moodie

Keep an ear out for next year’s event!